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Nude Paintings by Stefan Bløndal Denmark

Stefan Bløndal is an award-winning Danish artist, well-known for his art work and paintings
with their special insight and unique style which assault and delight
the senses.

Stefan was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1964, and grew up in a musical home surrounded by paintings, sculptures, and art.  At age 14, he was a prize winner in a drawing competition.  Painting was not his only interest:  to pursue his passion of birds of prey, he was educated as a falconer in England and had his own peregrine falcon at home.

At age 20, Stefan married

Nina Kavtaradze, a celebrated Russian pianist
from Moscow.  She had significant influence on his artwork, as a model for and a critic of his works, and she was instrumental in changing Stefan's art medium from black and white drawing to oil painting.

Stefan's first exhibition was in Copenhagen in 1987 in the renowned exhibition hall "Den Frie" [The Independent].  Since then, his works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Denmark,
France, Germany, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.  He has received numerous prestigious medals and awards for his works, many of which are on permanent display at the
Bloxham Galleries in London, and Galerie Helth in Copenhagen.

 ---A review by Arne Helth, Director, Galeria Helth, Copenhagen

Stefan Bløndal expresses in his art a dashing realism, often with a strength that makes you feel you actually are able to grasp the shapes in the painting, an ability only a few artists possess. Besides the realism of the painting, Stefan understands [how] to express the beauty, the poetry around and in the story of the motif.

The paintings show Stefan Bløndal´s eye for and gift of rendering the woman's beauty, often inspired by the woman in his life, his muse, his spouse, Nina, not only a realistic portrait, but a symbol--an allegory of the woman--that gives the pictures a powerful radiance.

Stefan Bløndal´s art is in a universe far from the technocratic world of the present day, where everything is systematized.  His art takes the beholder into a world of fantasy and adventure, with the beauty in the high seat, often as a visionary tale around the woman.  Stefan Bløndal´s
art is of a superior quality.  It is apparent that he works painstakingly, with great thought and sensitivity.  The overall effect is that you cannot let go of his art--it burns itself into the memory of the beholder.


Painting of a couple in love <br /> by Stefan Blondal of Denmark

"In Love" by
Stefan Bløndal
Image Copyright © by Stefan Bløndal


Nude painting of the female torso <br /> by Stefan Blondal of Denmark

"Torso" by
Stefan Bløndal
Image Copyright © by Stefan Bløndal


Nude painting entitled The Little Mermaid <br /> by Stefan Blondal of Denmark

"The Little Mermaid" by
Stefan Bløndal
Image Copyright © by Stefan Bløndal


Nude painting entitled The Black Sea <br /> by Stefan Blondal of Denmark

"The Black Sea" by
Stefan Bløndal
Image Copyright © by Stefan Bløndal

More of Blondal's paintings
can be viewed at

Blondal's email is

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